Coaching you to create in more daring and soulful ways

Anna Reynolds Coach - Peak Performance Coach London, UK

“Anna is a mirror that redesigns your mind”

“A creative catalyst”

“Anna challenged me in ways that no-one else has ever dared to do. It was fucking irritating. And I can’t thank her enough!”

Your work is not the problem.
How you now feel about your work is the problem.


Get ready to trade fear, doubt and anxiety for peace of
mind, greater happiness, renewed adventure AND an
evolved creative process that fulfils you*


*Consider the possibility that what you’re experiencing at present is a pull to
develop your sense of self in order to create in ways that express greater
complexity, impacting others much more deeply.



Alondra De La Parra

Christopher Wheeldon, OBE

Denise Nurse

“Anna has a deep, deep, love for people. She brings a unique and unorthodox approach to
transformation. And she walks her talk. She is one of those rare people who understands
and demonstrates that life can literally be created – from the inside out. I highly
recommend that you grasp any opportunity to learn from or spend time with Anna”

~ Rich Litvin, Author & Leadership Consultant