24 Aug 2015
5:51 pm

Why Not?

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When I was a child my family lived in Saudi Arabia for a few years. When the time came to return to England, instead of packing my toys I asked my parents if I could give them all to the children in the slum down the road.

They were so different from us in terms of their living conditions and life experiences, but I didn’t see difference, I saw sameness. I saw children like me, but they didn’t have what I had. I saw the possibility to connect and share.

We walked into the slum and they peered through suspicious eyes. Then I held out my box of toys…..and I saw children my age smile, pick them up and play. They looked just like me.

Bridging the divide.

I’m not telling this┬ástory from the place of morality. I could turn it into that, maybe my ego calls for that so I get to feel worthy. But in truth, that doesn’t exist here, that’s not my sense in speaking these words.

This is less about heroics and more about “why not?” My feeling is in the neutrality of those two words.

There was no great theme tune as I walked down the street with my parents. Just me, a child, connecting with other children.


Why not?

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