Here’s what selected clients are saying:

CHRISTOPHER WHEELDON, OBE, Director & Choreographer

Choosing to follow a deeper creative path is nothing to be ashamed of. Anna opens your eyes and your heart to infinite possibilities. Playful, thoughtful, magical. Time spent with Anna is time spent on recognizing how multifaceted we are. Suddenly your awareness sharpens, your connection to who you really are expands, and you begin to dance to a new song.



Chris’s resume and experience is extensive. He has created and staged productions for many of the world’s major ballet companies. He serves as Artistic Associate of the Royal Ballet, where his many works include the full-length Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland and The Winter’s Tale. In 2014, Chris directed and choreographed the musical version of An American In Paris, on Broadway, in Paris and in London’s West End. Chris has won many awards for his work and in 2016 was named an O.B.E. and made an Honorary Fellow of American Academy of Arts and Sciences.



I met Anna at one of her workshops and knew instantly that I’d found someone who I wanted to work closer with.  She made me think about things in a different way and rather than showing me what to do, she guided me in a way that I made discoveries myself, which feels all the more empowering.  

I was feeling stuck in my career working as an understudy in the West End and couldn’t seem to figure out how to make the leap to leading lady.  Anna called out my bullshit and helped me realise how the nature and structure of my thinking was creating my day to day experiences. During our 12 weeks of working together I made the leap to leading lady and it came in an extraordinary way! I was called upon to step into the lead role in Mamma Mia! which brought about a great deal of press and subsequently was offered the leading role in 42nd Street.  The synchronicities that Anna helps bring into your life are no accident, she has this awesome way of opening your eyes to see the things that have been there along.  I describe Anna as a magical handholder who I needed to help me transition into the next phase of my life; a little bit like using stabilisers when you learn to ride a bike and now I feel fully equipped and ready to ride alone and am excited about the journey that I’m on.

Steph has appeared in several West End shows including Billy Elliot, Mamma Mia!, Wicked and 42nd Street.  She recently made headlines for “saving the day” at Mamma Mia! While standing by at 42nd Street, she was called to run down the road to take over the role of Donna mid show due to a cast injury.  Subsequently she was given the lead role of Dorothy Brock in 42nd Street for the summer of 2018.

Here is a taste of the press Steph received; https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-44494641



olivia-chenery-head-shotThere hasn’t been one time where I’ve got off a call or out of a meeting with Anna, where I haven’t felt empowered in some way. Things seem to immediately shift around me, things I can’t explain – amazing synchronicities happen and that seems to be just the result of the spoken words we exchanged on a call together. Even before I start to put into practice what we have spoken about. Major shifts happen when you work with Anna and it is very very exciting!

Our work changed my life and empowered me to turn my dreams into a reality. Because of her help, I managed to book my dream role playing the lead in a period drama. I came to her in the beginning for career reasons and as the coaching process developed I discovered so much about myself and have now become the woman I always wanted to be and I’m creating my life in ways I didn’t know was possible.

Anna is a truly wonderful person and a deeply loving presence. Her knowledge and skill creates such a trust between you that you can’t help but completely throw yourself into any task or challenges that come your way during coaching. She is so willing to express her own vulnerabilities and be so human that it gives you the courage to look deep within, into the unknown, and as a result I’ve become a fuller person. I find now I live more honestly and truthfully. Being truthful with myself is something that has made me feel so much more connected to other people and to the world and as a result, I feel so alive!

When I think of our work together, the word that resonates with me is ‘Expansion.’  

Olivia played Mary Queen of Scots in ‘Virgin and Martyr’. She has also played roles in ‘Penny Dreadful,’ ‘Beowulf,’ and ‘Brotherhood.’ 



Anna combines a high skill level with a passion for helping people succeed. I got a visceral sense that she cares deeply about her clients and will do whatever it takes to ensure you get what you came for – and then some! Anna has a unique ability to create an environment where it’s easy to step into the unknown. Although it’s tricky to explain how the tangible transformations occur, in my personal and professional experience, the changes were swift and almost magical. A genuine force; I couldn’t recommend her enough.



ZoeRaineyHeadshotWorking with Anna was the best decision I have made. It was the most real experience I have had in a long time. It was grounded and practical and there was no nonsense.

The first time we worked together was more career driven. She challenged me in ways that pushed me passed my comfort zone and it was incredible how the changes in my thinking opened me up to possibilities and a real acknowledgement of my abilities. As a result I got my first role in a feature film, Mr Holmes.

The second time I worked with Anna on a more personal level. This was much more difficult. There were huge discoveries, some incredible and some extremely painful. We found solutions for things that have held me back for so long and needed unlocking, awakening a sense of joy that I had not allowed myself to feel. I couldn’t tell you how Anna does what she does but it’s changed me for the better.

If I was to sum up the whole experience I would say it was challenging, fun, inspiring, enlightening, real and grounding. It’s priceless.

Zoe has played lead roles in West End productions such as Hairspray, Parade, Wicked and An American In Paris. She was also part of the Kenneth Branagh Theatre Company in the West End.



Anna makes you realise your boundaries and questions the truth of the stories you create for yourself. Coaching was very uncomfortable at times but was a truly enlightening, challenging and transformative process once I started to open myself up to change.

I feel more in control of my career through a new understanding of what I offer as a person and actor, something I never thought I could feel in this industry. I really recommend Anna and hope to work with her again in the future.


Savannah has played various leading roles in West End productions including Chariots of Fire, Aspects of Love, Gone with the Wind and most recently Glinda in Wicked.



Stilwell_Maggie_High Res 3 68581D 1In the corporate world, as you take on more senior roles, people look to you for confidence, inspiration and leadership. This often takes the form of set pieces at conferences – large venues and a big audience. The expectation is there to perform, when your day job doesn’t prepare you for the occasion!

Anna has now helped me do this on 2 separate occasions, and also helped others around me who were similarly outside their comfort zone.

Anna’s gift is to get you thinking differently, often pretty deeply, but in an accelerated timeframe to give you the results you want. She challenges, she asks great questions, is playful, and she connects you to your audience before they are in the room. Somehow she achieves ‘theatre’ – something compelling for others to watch and listen to – without you as a presenter losing your authenticity in the process. Having seen her work for others, she can adapt to many different styles and types. A joy to work with.

As a member of EY’s leadership team, Maggie is a Partner in Fraud Investigation & Dispute Services. She is also UK&I Managing Partner for Talent, responsible for shaping and executing strategy on attracting, retaining and developing EY’s employees in the UK and Ireland.


HEE YU LEE, Manager, Assurance at EY

Hee Yu Lee photoMy day to day job does not usually involve presenting in front of a thousand people. I am quite a shy person so I had a huge fear of presenting when I first met Anna. I knew I wanted to do my best and make it work, but I wasn’t sure how I could.

Anna has a unique ability to help people realise their potential that they had not known before. Her style of coaching, together with her clear belief in me completely changed my mind set about speaking on the stage and I was able to deliver stories without being extremely nervous.

What I realised from this experience is that Anna is very passionate about helping people achieve what they want to achieve and exceed their potential. She encourages everyone to take an extra mile but she does it in a calm manner throughout her coaching. What I also noticed is that she is able to adapt different approaches to different people so naturally.

After working with Anna on my first public speech, I was lucky enough to be asked to speak at another event. I feel much more confident about public speaking now and I thank Anna for that.

She is an amazing coach and I am lucky enough to have worked with her.



CharlieBWCropI started working with Anna, with the belief that she would help me become a better actor, by first helping me to become a better person – that with her help I would eliminate the insecurities and bad habits that were blocking my way to a successful career.  

I felt, as I’m sure most of us in acting do, that I was failing in my career. That there was something wrong with me and that it needed “fixing”, in order for me to succeed.

I felt that the pressures and anxieties of trying to work and live were too much and that Anna would help me overcome this.

What Anna actually did was wake me up. She helped me realise that I did not need “fixing”, that the bad habits were merely that, habits. She brought me to a new understanding of my own inherent power and wisdom. And what an amazing journey it’s been. I have rediscovered who I am and instead of feeling embarrassed or ashamed, I feel a new sense of purpose, a celebration, if you will, of the limitless potential that exists in every moment of every day. 

It has changed my attitude to my work, to my loved ones, but most importantly to myself. It has changed my life.  

Working with Anna Reynolds is the best decision I have ever made. It will be yours too.

Charlie is a founding member of Chronicle Theatre Productions and the recipient of Best Male Lead Performer Brighton Festival 2012. Not long after coaching he made his West End debut in Faster-Higher-Stronger-Straighter with Scéalta Móra productions.


STEPHANIE BRON, Actress & Entrepreneur

Stephanie Bron Pic2I came to work with Anna because I had the desire to “better myself” and show the best of myself in all I do.

I realised that in certain areas of my life, I was becoming taken over by stress and anxiety, most of which I had become completely unaware of as it was so part of my day to day existence.

I have worked in Musical Theatre for 15 years now and felt that I had always “maintained” myself well and been able to keep up with the ever changing face of the industry in order to remain current and I have continued to work. I hadn’t realised that all this was on the surface though.

On the outside I had never really stopped and asked myself, is this what I really want? How do I feel? Am I okay on the inside? Every seemingly little rejection here and there, every negative comment that I found myself exposed to had all built up in me over time and I had let it all get inside of me, so I was believing this negative, stressed, anxious person was me.  I had truly forgotten who I really was.

Anna has helped me uncover my true self again and the great news is that Stephanie was there all along, I just didn’t have the tools to see that, I had forgotten!  Anna has given me invaluable tools and I have learnt so much working with her.

I am now using these tools and knowledge, in the sense that, instead of having something “wrong” and Anna having “fixed” it, we worked together with her skill and absolute commitment on a wonderful adventure to deeper parts of my mind, to rediscover my true self.  Having Anna to guide me and allow me to really know this, has allowed me to live as my true self everyday.  After all, it is so much easier to be yourself, right?  And being myself has allowed me to really show the best of myself!

This has been an experience I am so grateful for and it will continue to help me in every aspect of my life from now on, no matter what I may encounter. I laugh in the face of stress, I laugh more everyday in fact. I no longer get overwhelmed by anxiety and nerves.  I am fearless, as we all can be.  I just needed Anna to show me that!
Stephanie has performed in many productions in the West End, including EvitaJoseph and his Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Shrek The Musical, in which she was Dance Captain. She has also performed on tour in the UK and worldwide in shows including FosseOklahoma and West Side Story. Stephanie also has her own business as a property developer.


JOSH EDWARDS, Assistant Executive, Corporate Finance at EY

Josh Edwards photoI had the pleasure of working with Anna prior to speaking at a large corporate event which my Firm was organising. Despite being a confident individual, having to speak in front of such a large conference, whilst ensuring that the message which I wanted to deliver ‘landed’ would simply not have been possible had it not been for Anna’s coaching and support.

Over the course of a number of 1:1 sessions Anna drew on her breadth of experience to help me convey my story in an authentic and imaginative manner. The subject matter was something very personal and without Anna’s skill and energy I would not have been able to deliver my speech in the way that I did. Thank you Anna for your support and I would relish the opportunity to work with you again.


Throughout my conversations with Anna I became much more aware of the possibilities that were staring me in the face, but I was too blinkered to see them. I discovered new ambitions that I didn’t really know were there. I have a renewed drive in all that I do thanks to achieving a sense of clarity.

It’s clear to me that if you want something really badly it wont necessarily help if you cling onto the idea for dear life. I learnt that if I released my grip on the “thing” and made space for other ideas to breath, that can be helpful to me in ways I never imagined.




norman-bowman-testI can’t explain how Anna got me to face taking on the lead role in Finding Neverland having only had barely one and a half weeks of rehearsal but I do know that I went from a feeling of utter fear to one of calm, assured confidence in 40 minutes. She didn’t cast a spell she merely allowed the desire to be what I wanted to be to happen. I already had the tools, she allowed me to have the belief to know how to best use them. Anna’s coaching just works. Try it.

In 17 years of performing Norman Bowman has played the lead roles in Les Miserable, West Side Story, Grease, Cats, Mack & Mabel, to name a few and has acted alongside the likes of Patrick Swayze, Ewan McGregor and Derek Jacobi.



eleanormWorking with Anna was a transformative experience.

Prior to our work I had questions about my career which I had given a lot of thought. I mused on all the bad habits that I have accumulated over the years. I made a mental list of all these things I would wish to change about myself and the list was long! I was intrigued to know how Anna’s coaching would help me, especially as I was due to audition for a big TV project just a few days after the first session. I felt calm and confident when I walked in to that casting. I landed a part in the project and I begin filming later this month. When the casting director gave me feedback, she said it was the best audition she had ever seen me do.

Anna showed me that I have all the tools within myself to achieve what I want. She just reminded me how to access those tools. If you are lucky enough to work with her, you will soon see the benefits. Anna has enormous generosity of spirit and a great sense of humor. I could not recommend her more highly.

Eleanor has performed roles in the West End, at the National Theatre, the Royal Court and the RSC. Her television and film credits are extensive, including a lead role in the BBC police drama, Cuffs.



lee-william-davis-testAnna worked with me during my time on Shrek, which ran at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane in London’s West End. Having to cover 10 different featured roles and being able to drop into each part with very little notice every night was hugely challenging and when working for a major collaborative company such as Dreamworks Animations and Neal Street Productions, the pressure to be the best I could be at my job was high. Anna’s coaching helped me to find my own self-trust. By working on a conversational level I was enabled to speak from a place of unconscious thought allowing me to find, analyse and understand my own answers to the causes of my self doubt, which blocked and limited me in my personal life and career as an actor. Anna is a coach who understands acting from a place of truth and her coaching enables you to be present in the moment, which brings across a realistic and truthful performance. Also, she makes you feel very comfortable while allowing yourself to explore uncomfortable places within. Anna you have changed me for the better, I am forever grateful. Thank-you!

Lee William-Davis has played roles in 11 West End Productions, at the National Theatre the Old Vic and Trafalgar Studios. Lee has also worked for Channel 4 and the BBC.



ben-lambertSeeing Anna was a way to get some clarity having been soldiering on with my head down for a bit. The sessions were a time out to reassess. I wanted to gain some understanding about the negative thoughts and self-criticism that were perhaps causing this “head-down soldiering” behaviour. You know when you’re functioning but there’s a feeling of living life with the brakes on? It doesn’t matter where you are in life though. I remember reading a great article with Guy Pearce where he described having a bit of a breakdown despite having a pretty healthy career in Hollywood. He found that he’d been making some bad choices and wasn’t happy with himself or the way he was behaving. He recognised that he had to reassess and discovered that he had to re-choose acting. Somehow he’d been functioning on the dream of the 8 year old boy that wanted to be an actor, so now at thirty had to make a choice to carry on with it. To make that choice to be an actor in the present. About now and not about the past.

I didn’t mean to quote Guy Pearce as a way to explain my own experience but that article came to mind when reflecting on my experiences with Anna. There’s something in it that is similar to my situation and the work we did. Not of course being dissatisfied with a Hollywood career, but the realisation that there’s a disconnect somewhere between how you are and how you’d like to be. Sometimes a little routing around is called for and Anna helped with that.

She described the exploration was one we’d share. It was not about being told what to do or how to behave or even particularly being led. Anna explained our exploration in terms of looking at my ‘mind map’ and observing the thought processes that might be leading to dead ends. Together we could then negotiate them and perhaps begin a little massage of those mental knots. My point is the experience of unblocking felt collaborative. Of course there were times when I was unsure but I put my doubts to one side and went with it. And why not? There’s no brainwashing going on, or at least not any ‘reprograming’ that I wasn’t happy to partake in. Instead, perhaps, a mind wash of the most positive kind, like a thorough clean out of fear and doubt. It was as if we were washing off the excess mud that had long since dried around old ideas, so that I wasn’t carrying around so much crap.

I was very comfortable trusting Anna. We’ve all got blocks that occasionally need to be shifted if only just to rejig things so you can play out some other patterns.

I think for me it was about re-affirming faith in myself. There’s lots of ways to do that. Working with Anna was one of those ways. I surprised myself and it was fun.

Ben’s theatre credits include performances at the Almeida Theatre, Shakespeare’s Globe, Bristol Old Vic and a Number 1 Tour of The History Boys. His film credits include a role in Kathryn Bigelow’s Zero Dark Thirty.

*The Guy Pearce article Ben refers to can be found at http://www.guardian.co.uk/film/2010/dec/04/guy-pearce-interview


GINA BECK, Actress

ginabeckI came to see Anna for help with two issues, firstly we worked on combating nerves in a concert or audition situation and secondly she helped me to remove the fear I have when on stage that I will forget my lines.

Anna firstly asked me to address these issues, to describe how they make me feel and then she began to work with me to release their hold over me.

I now feel much more confident when performing outside of the theatre and nerves don’t seem to affect my voice anymore. I definitely feel much more in the moment and am less distracted by negative thoughts in my head. Anna helped me break some patterns of behaviour that were unhelpful to me during the show. My experience of performing now is all about telling the story and being in the story, I enjoy myself much more and am free from negative distractions.

Gina has played several leads in the West End, including Cosette in Les Miserables, Christine in Phantom Of The Opera and Glinda in Wicked.