Speaking in LA at “Serving The Incredible”, 2015

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“Anna is a genius storyteller with a deep, deep, love for people. She brings a unique and unorthodox approach to transformation. And she walks her talk. She is one of those rare people who understands and demonstrates that life can literally be created – from the inside out. I highly recommend that you grasp any opportunity to learn from or spend time with Anna.”

Rich Litvin, Leadership Consultant & Co-Author of the book, The Prosperous Coach

“Head to toe, skin to bones, cell to soul….ROCKED. SHIFTED. LIFTED. ….Please, please do not stop sharing your stories – ever”

Jenelle Cobb, Business Consultant & Executive Coach

I love the magic that is created between speaker and audience. I have powerful stories to share and I design my talks specific to each audience. I enjoy speaking with small intimate groups just as much as taking to the stage for larger gatherings.

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