Stranger 10. This morning I found myself falling in to the Rejection Game as I only realised halfway through the conversation I was having that I was in fact playing it. For me it’s a blind alley to be feeling I have to play bigger and bolder with each new request. There are still things to be learnt from the small and mundane requests. This is one of them. My heart wasn’t beating fast but it was a sweet and amusing exchange.

In conversation with a second-hand bookseller, I asked him…

If you were to give me a book for free which one would you choose?

Catherine Cookson….they’re shit.

And if it was to be a book that you rate?

Twilight….they don’t sell.

And if it was to be a book you rate that you can sell?

Well I wouldn’t give you one, I’m a bookseller, I wouldn’t give you one for free.

So that’s what you would do. So will you give me a book for free right now?

Sure….here’s a Catherine Cookson.

So I lost the game but I was given a book. And I like the one he picked for me. It was called Outcast

In the spirit of the game I have just left the book (with a note inside) on a bench on the South Bank in London. I turned back to see a woman pick it up and start to read it.

*Disclaimer. Outcast is written by Josephine Cox, not Catherine Cookson. But in the words of this bookseller…..

They’re all the same story over and over again these books. Take that one, its got the smartest cover.


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