Stranger 14. An ambitious idea burst into my mind. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have an artist illustrate this blog? In fact, why just one, why not a team of artists? That would add a greater creative flair. Who came to mind first? Banksy. (I don’t believe in thinking small. Actually, that’s not true at all. It’s just that my brain has a habit of leaping straight to the big picture, the bigger and bolder it is the happier I seem to be)

So, Banksy. Yes. His art is suitably thought-provoking and inspiring. What he thinks of this blog, well, that’s something I needed to find out.

So I asked around my network of friends, does anyone have any connection to Banksy? Turns out one of my friends knows his agent, so there was my in road. So my friend very kindly introduced us both via email.

I picked up the baton and sent an email of introduction, asking to speak with his agent in person (I know requests via email are de rigueur these days but there is a big difference between tapping on a keyboard and looking someone in the eye as you speak to them). I didn’t mention Banksy, but I did mention this blog as a teaser.

It didn’t work.

She replied with a very pleasant email telling me they specialize in arts and music so they wouldn’t be right for my project.

Damn. Tapping on the keyboard and pitching via email it is then. In my mind I imagined she was in front of me, so, with an open heart what would I say?

Simple. A little preliminary dance with words and then….”Would Banksy be interested in adding his artwork to parts of my blog?”

The response was very short and very sweet. 

“Not for us but good luck with it. x”

I got a rejection. And it felt like being rained on when your mind is set for sunshine. I was frustrated with this one. I wasn’t happy walking away. Why? Because Banksy hadn’t said no, his spokesperson had. Not good enough for here.

I want Banksy in on this. I’m serious. I pitched it as illustrating some of these blog posts. Forget some, one. Just one.

Banksy, if you read this. And you’re interested…..

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