What’s The Investment?

One-One Coaching Options

I view one-one coaching as creative partnerships. There are two ways to form a creative partnership with me:


Duration: Coaching programs range from 3 to 12 months

Cost: My fees are bespoke, typically they range from £16,000 to £50,000* plus VAT

We will craft a unique program together that is tailored specifically to you and your needs.

First I invite you into a coaching conversation. For this I waive my fee.

Then you can tell me if this is valuable to you. If it feels right to us both to continue, we will co-create a coaching program.



An intensive is great for a real shake-up – gain clarity and create foundational shifts. As the name suggests, it’s intense.

Cost: Fees for intensives start at £2,000* plus VAT


*NB. Whether it’s a coaching program or an intensive, the investment you’ll be making goes far beyond money. You’ll be investing your time, energy and total commitment to your own development and growth. There is no magic button. I can’t change you. I can help you change as long as you are committed to yourself and prepared to do WHATEVER IT TAKES. My coaching is not for the faint-hearted!

To begin this process fill out the form to your right and I’ll be in touch soon. 


Adventure Coaching

Please contact me direct for information on the next Unplanned Adventure. Fill out the form to your right and I’ll be in touch with you soon. I look forward to hearing from you!