Inspired Leadership

I notice a difference between the leaders who impress and the leaders who inspire.

There are many impressive leaders – maybe you know one or two, maybe you are one.

Being impressive can get you far, but the world as it stands needs you to be more than impressive.

Culture has become so cynical – we know too much and we don’t know who to trust.

This current world needs leaders who inspire. Are you ready and willing to step up?

To be inspiring you have to be inspired. You have to lead from the heart just as much as the mind. You cannot be inspiring without having the courage to express yourself vulnerably and the capacity to speak your truth and stay open and curious, empathic in your listening.

The acting teacher, Stella Adler, was noted for saying “Your talent is in your choice”. Whilst she was referring to acting, I think this applies to leadership and indeed life in general. Your perspective determines the choices available to you. If you are at the mercy of your conditioned brain your perspectives will be limited. Move past conditioning and expand your sense of self, gain wider and deeper perspectives and make better choices. Be more talented at being human. And inspire others to do the same.

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