Doubt and Lack of Confidence

• Are you a high performer who is worried you’re not good enough? Or do you doubt your own abilities, doubt the decisions you make?
• Are you outwardly confident yet inwardly you feel insecure and doubt yourself?
• Are there times you feel like a fraud at work and/or at home?
• Are you scared of being judged?
• Are you scared of looking stupid?
• Are you scared of getting it wrong (whatever “it” may be)?
• Are you micro-managing your life? Are you scared of letting go?
• Are you doing the kind of work you really want to be doing?
• Are you being true to who you are, or is something stopping you?

Imagine if you could feel a profound and natural confidence. True confidence is not something you put on. It’s a feeling that emanates from the very core of who you are, it’s a state of flow from within that rises up and out, touching those around you with a hugely positive impact. Imagine if you truly believed in yourself and your talent in this way.

Imagine feeling the fear of the unknown and yet still having the courage to be free to let go, explore, play and try new things.

Imagine being judged, looking stupid, feeling like you’re getting it wrong and having the resources within you to be completely ok with that, understanding that sometimes others will judge you, sometimes you might look stupid and if you do get “it” wrong, that’s a step closer to learning how to get it right.

Imagine being able to express yourself freely and authentically, no matter what the situation, or who it is you’re talking to.

Imagine living each day with courage. How would your life be different? What is most compelling about that image?

I can help you find the courage and the confidence you need to move forward.

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