Burn Out

• Are you tired of climbing the greasy pole?

• Are you stressed and close to burn out?
• Have you lost your passion for what you’re doing?
• Are you wanting more meaning in your life?

• Are you searching for something, maybe you don’t even know what, but you have a sense there’s more to life than what you’re doing, than how you’re being?
• Are you disillusioned with the business you’re in?
• Do you have moments where you feel disempowered, at the mercy of others?
• Do you need time out, but you can’t take it, there’s too much to do?

Imagine creating a life that supports how you want to be, an inspired life, where you can do what you really want to do, in a way that you really want to do it. A life that energises rather than drains you.

We are limited only to the extent of our current perceptions.

Imagine giving yourself permission to begin creating life on your terms, a life with clear boundaries, a life with space and freedom to be who you really are and offer your unique gifts to the world in a way that is fruitful.

I ask you to imagine because fear will tell you this is not possible. It is fear that is stopping you. And this fear is an illusion.

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