You can be a great actor, a great performer and a hopeless lover, mother, father, brother, sister, an addict, a selfish human being. There are a number of those around. Why make that choice? To what end? Why sacrifice your life for your art in this way? You can be a great actor, a great.. read more →

I believe in the power of performance. I don’t believe you have to suffer for your art to be great. The world of theatre, of film and TV is magical, the stuff of dreams. At the risk of sounding like I’m taking myself far too seriously, when done exceptionally well performance has the the power.. read more →

Why the hell did my teachers at drama school say “Be brave. Be an actor”? Because it takes courage to perform with presence, to be in the moment and stay there. Staying present means relinquishing your control. That’s a space where ANYTHING can happen and crazy, ugly, wild and wonderful things can surface. Handle that… read more →

I am frequently asked, what can NLP do for actors and performers? So I decided to write this blog post in response. NLP forms the basis of my coaching, along with conversational hypnosis and metaphor exploration. I’ve discussed metaphors in another blog. I will write about hypnosis another time. So, first things first, what specifically.. read more →

Not so long ago I had a very interesting experience with a client when working with metaphors during the change process. First let me explain why I find metaphors such a powerful tool in coaching. For the majority of us, the left hemisphere of our brain is where language is processed and formed. Here we.. read more →