For a long time I’ve avoided writing a “Top 10 Tips” post. Mainly because I think the internet is saturated with them and in a paradoxical and desensitizing way, I think the more “advice” a person reads, the less likely they are to pay attention, let alone implement it. So, what am I doing here?.. read more →

Success. So many of us want it. So many of us are striving towards it. But what does it really mean? No doubt it will mean something different from person to person. But one thing’s for sure, we all want it FOR A REASON. We humans are amazingly dumb for creatures with intelligence. We have.. read more →

Your wisdom can never be greater than the wisdom of your director, or the wisdom of the casting director, or the wisdom of your fellow actor. Or even the wisdom of your agent. And their wisdom can never be greater than your wisdom, being the actor that you are. Got it? Now go and create.. read more →

When you place your focus on going deep within yourself and Learning, allowing your inner wisdom to guide you, over and above goal setting and Doing, then your life becomes magical. I’m not saying goal setting and Doing won’t get you want you want. It may, it may not. And I’m not saying don’t do.. read more →

Stella Adler had a brilliant thought – “Your talent is in your choice” – Don’t let this be a maxim for the rehearsal room. It’s too great a comment to keep it contained. Your talent is in your choice IN LIFE. Who are you being? Moment to moment. What does your personality allow you to.. read more →