Stranger Number 3. I asked a man in the middle of the park, in a wide open space, if he would dance with me. What followed was a beautiful example of how, underneath, a rejection can be everything to do with the other person and nothing to do with you….and within that, everything to do with.. read more →

I’ve decided to play a game that I’m calling The Rejection Game. Over the coming weeks and months I intend to make requests of 100 strangers. These requests will range from the small and mundane to the large, sublime and ridiculous. Right now I have no idea what the requests will be. Part of the.. read more →

Today I asked two strangers what they knew about love (they looked like they knew something). As I did my ego was horrified. And my real self, my wisdom, was smiling. She looked at me, smiled and said “trust”. He looked embarrassed and said “I don’t know”. She reeled backwards. “Confidence to say what you.. read more →

If I take my experience of the rehearsal room and apply that to my life I notice my perspective on life shifts and something interesting happens. In the rehearsal room I’m curious, I have child-like curiosity and I play. I’m even brave enough to willingly fail so that I know what feels truthful for this character. I.. read more →

As a coach I’m not in the conversation to be liked, loved, admired, respected or to be right. How I see it (and that’s how I see it today, that may change tomorrow) is I’m in there with you doing my best to see what’s true in the moment, for both of us and speaking.. read more →