Stranger 12.ย I bank with one of the main high street banks and I walked into my local branch and asked to speak with the manager. She wasn’t free so the assistant manager appeared, led me to a comfortable little room, offered me a seat and asked, “how can I help you?” “I’ve been with your.. read more โ†’

Labels. Don’t we all love them? ๐Ÿ˜€ Stick a label on your head and people will judge you. It’s inevitable. Your first label is your name. Another is the job you do. Your age, your politics, your religion, etc, etc. All reasons for others to make assumptions and judgements about you. But it’s not really.. read more โ†’

Stranger 11.ย I approached the doorman at the Savoy Hotel in London, a lovely man called Rob and I told him, congruently, that I believe there is great value in serving others. So I asked him if I could join him as a doorwoman, in full uniform, meeting and greeting the patrons as they came and.. read more โ†’

Today I took a slow walk in the park. I didn’t intend to. Before this slow walk what I said to myself was; “I’m learning to understand myself as something other than or greater than the thoughts I have about both myself and the world around me. Within this understanding (which is akin to waking.. read more โ†’

Stranger 10.ย This morning I found myself falling in to the Rejection Game as I only realised halfway through the conversation I was having that I was in fact playing it. For me it’s a blind alley to be feeling I have to play bigger and bolder with each new request. There are still things to.. read more โ†’