Who are you becoming today? Develop your competitive advantage in a noisy, unstable world. The days of the star player rising ruthlessly to the top are over. Time’s have changed. Be empowered and empowering. Give. Be curious and childlike. Be responsible and own the consequences of your choices. Find clarity within yourself (it’s not “out.. read more →

Stranger 16. On a busy Friday night I walked into a bar (well-known chain) and asked to speak to the bar manager. I told him that in the past I have had extensive bar work experience (also known as “I’m an out of work actor”) and that I would love to serve behind his bar.. read more →

Stranger 15. I’m very interested in a particular coaching company who specialize in enlightened leadership and work with companies around the world. Their CEO has a background in neuroscience and the company is actively involved in research projects and collaborations. I would love to learn from this company, I would also love to be a part.. read more →

Stranger 14. An ambitious idea burst into my mind. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have an artist illustrate this blog? In fact, why just one, why not a team of artists? That would add a greater creative flair. Who came to mind first? Banksy. (I don’t believe in thinking small. Actually, that’s not true at.. read more →

Stranger 13. This one was a game changer for me. To begin with, I didn’t feel like I was playing the game because I went in seeking a Yes not a No. I got a No and it suddenly felt very different. I’m including this in the game and reframing the rules (hey, I’m the one.. read more →