This week I was in conversation with a woman who is also a coach and she said to me, “*Maggie is not how a coach should be” “How should a coach be?” I asked. “Like *Sarah. She’s how a good coach should be. *Maggie is aggressive” I didn’t hear truth in her words, I heard.. read more →

Earlier today I was feeling low, out of sorts, not myself. As a result I wasn’t being pro-active, in fact I was drifting around my home, moving from one thing to the next, starting things not finishing them, getting increasingly irritated with myself, not at all present. I didn’t like how I was being and.. read more →

I used to have a tendency where the more I was told to let go, the more I held on. The more I was told to let go, the more I shrank. The more I was told to let go, the more I found myself blocked and stuck. Letting go presupposes we’re holding on to.. read more →

Today is the most depressing day of the year, calculations prove it, the day we admit defeat and revel in self-loathing for falling off the News Years resolution wagon, the day our motivation levels are at an all-time low. They call it Blue Monday. Blue Monday is a story, made up by Sky Travel as.. read more →

We all took our first breath. We’ll all take our last. What happens in between is one big old story. No-one gets out alive. So how are you using this life you are living? I help people and businesses create better stories for themselves, for the people they care about and for the world at.. read more →