“Dare To Be Naive” Buckminster Fuller Beauty is in the not knowing. That was a thought that came to me upon waking one morning. I think it sounds poetic, but is it useful? Because it’s comforting to think I know, to think I have the answers. So, if not knowing is beautiful and knowing is.. read more →

In work and in life it serves us to be ruthlessly honest with ourselves around what it is we’re really doing in this moment – in our interactions with others, with ourselves, with our environment. When we’re being generous, are we really giving, or are we trading? In the search for clarity, are we seeking.. read more →

Have you ever chased big things in life simply because that’s what everyone else is doing and you never stopped to really question what it is you’re wanting, or chasing, or creating, (however you see that)? You never stopped to ask yourself, would that be useful for me and who I am, to have that.. read more →

24 Aug 2015
5:51 pm

Why Not?

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When I was a child my family lived in Saudi Arabia for a few years. When the time came to return to England, instead of packing my toys I asked my parents if I could give them all to the children in the slum down the road. They were so different from us in terms.. read more →

I recently coached a woman who was experiencing overwhelm and was deeply frustrated. Brilliant creative ideas would flood her mind and yet she was implementing none of them. Instead she was distracting herself with busyness, hoping to earn her place on the starting block through attempting to become a better version of herself first. She.. read more →