Anxiety, Stress and Fear

• Are you a high performer struggling with imposter syndrome – are you successful and feeling like a fraud?

• Are you afraid of failing?
• Perhaps you don’t feel worthy or don’t feel you deserve success, or deserve greater success?
• Do you suffer from performance anxiety, either in your work or your personal life?
• No matter how much preparation you put in, does fear take over in the moment?

• Do nerves and stress control you?
• Is anxiety or fear stopping you from enjoying your work or your personal life?
• Are you able to relax easily, or are you stressed a lot of the time?
• Are you frequently one step ahead of yourself, worrying about the future?
• Do you find it hard to stay present, hard to stay relaxed in the moment, in your work and in your personal life?

Imagine if you could embrace failure as an opportunity for growth, improve and be better at what you do. Imagine if you could embrace failure as a natural part of success.

Imagine if you could embrace success feeling absolutely worthy, valuing yourself and your abilities, understanding success doesn’t define you, rather your skill sets together with how you show up in the world defines how successful you can become in the world.

Imagine if you could relax enough to perform at your very best and enjoy it.

Imagine if responsibility wasn’t a burden, wasn’t a reason to feel fear, anxiety or stress, but a reason to celebrate your unique talent.

Imagine if you could manage performance nerves and use the energy behind them in a productive way to enhance your performance.

Performers, imagine drawing an audience, directors, casting directors, producers and others to you through the power of your presence on stage and screen and the power of your presence in life.

Imagine living your life feeling happy in the present moment, free of the burden of fear, anxiety and stress.

All top performers, the best actors and actresses, top executives, the CEOs of huge corporations have moments of experiencing fears, anxieties and stress. What makes them great is they don’t freeze, they don’t let fear clamp them, they maintain high performance in the face of fear.

Whatever it is you’re feeling, whatever you’d like to leave behind and move towards, I can help you.

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