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About Me

I am in awe of the creative process, specifically that moment when something new emerges out of nothing, out of nowhere, out of the blue – the exact moment of transformation. The mystery of that moment enthrals me.

As a result, I have spent the last 25 years studying and developing the skill of transformation. Originally this took the form of professional actress, trained at the Central School of Speech and Drama (my ability to transform was such that I was given the ubiquitous label of ‘character actress’) and then since 2011 as a coach – powerful coaching is highly creative. What I’m discovering is transformation is both an art and a science.

I entered the world of coaching through neuro-lingusitic programming, having trained as a Master NLP Practitioner with Dr John Grinder, the co-creator of NLP. I have subsequently trained in various coaching practices and different methodologies of facilitating behavioural change. I am also heavily influenced by the work of Carl Jung, stoicism and eastern philosophies.

I am particularly drawn to liminal spaces, thresholds where real transformation takes place. These are often the moments within a change process that are challenging and messy. Within these moments I skilfully balance humour with a profound curiosity and fearlessness, in order to assist others in their own evolution.

My research interest lies in the power of different thinking styles (how people pattern, organise and make sense of their world) and I am passionate about supporting others in holding open and honest conversations, whilst evolving their thinking to gain wider and deeper perspectives. Why? Because evolving who we are being means we evolve what we do – I believe we are limited in what we can do and achieve ONLY to the extent of our current perspectives. We are here to evolve.

I am drawn to working with people who have a deep calling to profoundly and positively impact others, people who are creative pioneers in their heart and soul and are looking for their next challenge – these are the people who really challenge and excite me.

“A genuine force. I couldn’t recommend her enough” Franklin Nyaseme, Director at JEDNA Architects